Pre-recorded Webinars

EdTech Pre-recorded Webinars

EdTech 1 – Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

EdTech 2 – Using Microsoft Teams to support Teaching and Learning

EdTech 3 – EdTech Journey to Remote Learning and Beyond

EdTech4 – Introduction to Assistive Technology

EdTech 5 – Getting Started with Google Classroom

EdTech 6 – Introduction to Alternative forms of Communication

EdTech 7 – Introduction to live and Pre recorded lessons

EdTech 8 – Setting up work for your users on Google Classroom

EdTech 9 – Ensuring learners are safe while accessing remote content

EdTech 10 – Symbol based software to support Learning and Communication

EdTech 11 – Preparing for September with the use of EdTech

Introduction (Accessible Tech Thursdays)


EdTech 12 Using Technology to support Teaching and Learning


EdTech 14 Using Google Classroom to distribute Parental Documents


Text to speech Part 1 of 2 (Accessible Tech Thursdays)

Text to speech Part 2 of 2 (Accessible Tech Thursdays)


EdTech 13 Early switch skills for computer access and communication


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